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    Script to download historical financial results from NSE website

    Hello, Does anybody have script to download historical results data from NSE website? (https://www.nseindia.com/corporates/corporateHome.html?id=eqFinResults). What I am trying to do is gather historical financial data for fundamental analysis for all stocks. Coding up scripts to download...
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    NSEpy - A python library to extract data on NSE's website

    This is the git-hub page for the library - https://github.com/swapniljariwala/nsepy Objective- * Provide Simple and easy APIs to extract Live, Archival Data from NSE * Provide data in different formats, ready to be processed eg. CSV or numpy arrays * This will not include utilities for...
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    NSE Historical 5 min Intra Day Database

    The life of Charting is having Historical Database for analysis. I searched for NSE Intraday Data it but found that some how people are not willing to share it for free. Many people are desperately seeking for this kind of data and new comers cant afford to pay huge prices for software's...
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    Free intraday tips from Sify Finance

    From Sify: RIL: As long as it can stay above 2020, we can expect a move towards 2100 marks at 10.00 AM
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    Live stock market tips

    Hi, I constantly follow the live market commentary on Sify Finance section, you could also do the same and get some nice tips, i would however like the opinion of this forum to know if these tips are really good or not.
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    metastock BSE & NSE Data till 21Aug 2009

    Hi Guys, I've uploaded my data base of NSE & BSE which is updated till 21st August 2009 which im using for meta stock 9.0 Hope this will be use ful to you.. NSE http://rapidshare.com/files/270785614/nse_till_21Aug2009.rar BSE...