nse 1 minute technicals

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    need 1 minute ieod data

    Hello friends I need 1 minute ieod data for amibroker.Free or low cost is preferred. Any suggestions ?
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    Mapping between the ISIN number and the NCD /corporate bonds series names on NSE?

    is there any easy way to find out the mapping between an ISIN number and the actual symbol of an NCD (or for that matter, any of the tax-free bonds) traded on the NSE? My financial institution reports the holdings and also any trades with the ISIN number and a long description with the name, the...
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    NSE EOD Tick data

    Hi All, I would like to get EOD data for nse stocks everyday. Kindly suggest me the options available. Both paid and free options are welcome. Thanks in advance, San
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    Nifty 1 Minute Support/Resistance

    Nifty Intraday support at 5850, resistance at 5870