1. X

    Problem in Demat Account

    Hi,i'm a new investor to stock market.Actually, i started my demat a/c and trading a/c before some months..During that period,i registered with NSDL website(via ideas for demat account).My DP told that i can see the stocks in nsdl websites online.After 3 months, i started to invest in shares and...
  2. S

    NSDL & CDSL Charges added by ICICI Direct

    Hello Since September, ICICI Direct has started debiting NSDL - CDSL charges from my bank account. Sometimes it is Rs. 5.06, sometimes 10.12, and sometimes 20.24 I wanted to understand on what basis are these calculated, and how I can know how many will be applicable when I buy / sell...
  3. P

    Depository Charges

    Can someone tell me which depository (NSDL or CSDL) charge less amount on selling of equity shares? Is anybody aware of how these charges are calculated?
  4. lazytrader

    Demat and its nuances

    I decided to start a new thread on demat because this is one of the least discussed topics when it comes to trading and no one seems to be interested. The problem is however that I am a technical person (no not the analysis type technical as in electronics and comps). I have gained a little...