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    Is NRI allowed to involve in intraday in F&O segment?

    Dear All, I am new to Traderji.I just joined today only.I have already invested in Indian Stocks; sometimes involve in Intraday traading as well. I have demat/trading account with both ICICI driect and Zerodha.It seems that I may travel to Australia for a long term(probably a year) after a...
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    Question for NRIs with HDFC Securities

    I(Non-US NRI) recently opened NRE,NRO,demate and trading accounts with HDFC. To my surprise, I found out that I can only trade in equities and ETF on their trading platform:annoyed::annoyed:. To me this is a big big surprise, how a trading platform not allow MF transaction when all major...
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    NRI trading

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I have been trying to find post pertaining to NRI demat and trading and couldn't find much in this forum. Is there an NRI specific forum in traderji? Specifically, I am trying to setup a NRE-PIS Demat and trading accounts. My experience with most private and...
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    Overseas address proof

    Dear all My name is Mohamed Siddique working in UAE , I would like to open demat and trading account sharekhan broker. But they asking overseas address proof, right now i have no more proof here. Is possible to submit my company letter pad with my current working address as my foreign...
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    Trading A/C opening in Indian Address for NRIs

    Dear All I am now in UAE. I would like to open trading and demat account in India Right now I have PIS account with reputed bank. but I have no Valid abroad residency address proof, only having residency permit of UAE. I like to open account in communication address of India Is possible...
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    NRI trader from abudhabi

    I am in Abudhabi, I wish to start trading with Zerodha being a discount broker.I have pancard, federal bank nre a/c and Axis NRO account.New to share trading and i want to check my ability in share trading help me on this matter
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    Money transfers while being an NRI

    Hi, I am new to Traderji. Is it mandatory to transfer money from a foreign bank account to the NRO account while we are an NRI ?... Or Is it advisable to transfer money from my foreign bank account to local ordinary bank account if I want ?... Pls let me know the implications of...
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    Questions from NRI newbie

    Hello All: This is Yograj - from USA. I have recently started taking more interest in indian markets. Would like to learn more by becoming a part of this well informed community. I have some beginners(AKA stupid) questions which i hope will get answered: 1. How do I "follow/add " a...
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    NRI -Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

    can anyone pls tell me when is the next Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and important programmes and events that one can attend?
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    Can anyone please explain the NRI taxation policy?

    My friend is an NRI settled in the US for the past 6 years..he wants to come back here and invest in stocks and shares..can someone pls explain the taxation policy that would be applicable to him?
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    KYC process for NRIs

    Hi, I have received notification from ICICIDirect to complete KYC process and to submit the form along with the relevant documents. I am an NRI currently and the address with ICICIDirect is no longer relevant. However, it has my valid PAN details. As a part of KYC compliance, they have asked...
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    NRI Investing ....the rules and the players..need more info

    Hello Folks I am interested in opening an NRI Investment a/c. In that regard could someone please enlighten me on the following <> Are there brokers out there who offer commodity / FNO trading to NRI's at all ( - for a US based NRI - are you allowed to trade in the commodity market on a...
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    How to choose funds for STP? - FOR NRI's

    Hello Fellow NRI's I am an NRI, my surplus every month is not fixed and varies significantly. Can you please share your experience on - 1. Is it a good idea to park x amount of money in the NRE account and than direct SIP every month? Or is it better I go for STP type of investment...
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    Convert Resident trading account to NRI at ICICIdirect

    Hi I am an NRI for last few years. I had a Resident ICICDirect account when I was residing in India. I didn't bother to change my account to NRI so far but would like to do it now. Will there be any complications since I have operated my account as a Resident in the last few years.I have...
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    any one living in us(NRI) and trading indian markets?

    hello traders, is there any one in this forum living in usa(NRI) and trading indian markets?
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    Hi All - Any NRI's around here

    Hello everyone...Found this forum while searching for "opening trading account in India". I'm staying in US currently and would like to open a trading account in India. Would like to know which site offers trading platform for NRI's? Please let me know. TIA.
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    Trading rules for Non resident of India (NRI)

    Hi Guys, Can anyone explain the rules and regulations for NRI for online trading in Indian equity market. 1) If NRI gets an online trading account to trade Indian stock market by simply producing his PAN number and proof of residence and other relevant documents regardless showing any...
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    NRI -Invest in MF in india

    whats the best and efficient way to do this? Which companies allow online BUY and Sell? I called ICICI Direct and they said USA NRIS cannot have ICICI direct Any Desi junta in USA could you share your advice thanks