1. IndianLion


    Hi guys. Does anyone have expirience with Multicharts? I'm choosing between Multicharts and Ninja trader. Which one is more stable?
  2. S

    Real time data feed for Ninjatrader

    Hi Seniors, I'm newbie to day trading but have little bit of knowledge of investing. For last one month , I had extensive study over day trading using internet and different forum. I am a bit comfortable with ninjatrader after using it for 10 day with historical day data provided by yahoo and...
  3. M

    need RT data feed for ninjatrader

    Hello friends, Iam looking for real time data feed for ninja trader 6.5 version. in tick format. (paid service or free)need it for NSE fno & options,mcx. please all the members from this forum reply me if any one knows about it. even if data feed is available through odin diet will also do...