ninjatrader 7

  1. fahadmalik

    NinjaTrader 7 - Need RTDF

    Hi all, Tried and tested many of the trading platform, but i am comfortable in NinjaTrader. AmiBroker is good, but i hate windows. Windows installation First i have to do this to install that to get this one so that it will be compatible with this one and after installing this one...
  2. M

    Odin Feeder Lite Real time data problem

    Odin Feeder developed by Mr J Deep of Volume Digger is a great utility indeed. I tried making Connection between OdinDiet terminal and Ninja Trader 7 thru Odin Feeder. It worked so smartly. I was able to see real time chart of all the stocks in market watch of my Odin. But I am facing two big...