nifty trading strategy

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    Nifty Levels for 21 July 2020

    Level's for Nifty 21 July 2020 Buy above 11026 Sell below 10953 DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade. Do Your Own Research
  2. M

    EMA Crossover system -- huge earning potential

    EMA Crossover system -- Simple yet very effective Hello Friends, I'm working on three EMA cross over system & my initial testing (back testing as well live testing) yielded me some fantastic returns. This makes me think why this can't be used be MFs or big institutes as it can easily...
  3. A

    INtraday Tips for Today

    Nifty For Next Week Nifty made the new high yesterday and also made the good closing. Nifty continuously holding the crucial support level of 5090 to 5100, until it close below one could not expect much correction in it. In upside the short term resistance is seems to be at the range of 5175 to...