nifty future calls

  1. S

    Nifty Future Strategy with 13000 Margin

    Hi Friends, This is the best strategy I found till now. Investment Required to place trade : 1 LAC Margin used: 13000 Zerodha: How to trade: Between 3:00PM - 3:25 PM Buy current Month Future Sell Next Month Future On next Day morning 09:30AM-10AM Exit...
  2. Tuna

    Nifty Swing & Intra Trades

    Hi Folks, I am starting this new thread on Nifty Future. I will post my real trades here to keep a record what I am doing. Though it is for educational purpose and not an investment idea. What is the rational behind my trades I will explain that as well, after 50 successful trades (total...
  3. B

    Trade and multiply money ... Nothing else... Not difficult...

    :thumb: hi all, iam here just to share my trades as iam successfull with consistency from past 6 months ... just to share only trades entry/stop/exit nothing else ..
  4. GainsOne

    Nifty future trading.>!!

    This thread is dedicated to trading NIFTY FUTURES.. I m working on a methodology which assures 30 to 40 points on a daily basis with a success rate of anything above 70 %.. I will post all the live trades with a time lag of 2 mins..!! I have also backtested the strategy for quite some time...
  5. aravinthrajm

    Nifty Levels for 15.05.2009

    Nifty Future Levels: 3596 above 3646-3681-3706-3727. 3596 below 3562-3557-3511-3502. Watch out 3727. You can post comments on this levels.
  6. kolluri.rajesh

    my introduction to forum

    1) Your trading/investing experience. nill 2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets. now i have to start 3) Your area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc. futures 4) How do you make your trading decisions. according to...