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    Daily Nifty Levels ( Best if it can be auto traded ) any suggestions ?

    Is there a way to automatically trade based on the daily trend level ?
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    NIFTY Intraday Trading - My Daily performance

    Dear Traders, I am in the process of learning Intraday trading on NIFTY and hence forth to evaluate my performance on a daily basis I will be sharing my experience, mistakes I made (so that it will help me learn from my mistakes). Having learnt how to generate calls, along with performance I...
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    First Hello to Traderji members

    Hi friends, Found this amazing forum 3 days back.Request all senior members to guide me in learning new Trading Methods and strategies. I am concentrating only on Nifty Futures and too only Intraday Trades. Just few knowledge in Technical analysis,Pivot point Resistance and support...
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    Intraday trading strategies

    Hello, do you guys have any good Intraday trading strategies that can be used with Live Charts. Currently I often use 15, 21 Moving averages with RSI, MACD and Bolliger Bands Thanks