nifty alert

  1. raynor

    20 Points Per Month in Nifty - diary

    Hi friends, my target is 20 points per month in nifty.. and i am writing a diary for that.. first trade is long at 10265 my trades nifty futures are based on nifty charts.. so i shall be posting nifty points only
  2. M

    Merits Capital Market - online trading, nifty alert, share market news, mcx commoditi

    We specialize in broking activities related to Equities, Derivatives, Commodities and Currencies and own memberships of NSE-CM, NSE-FO, MCX & MCX-SX
  3. A

    INtraday Tips for Today

    Nifty For Next Week Nifty made the new high yesterday and also made the good closing. Nifty continuously holding the crucial support level of 5090 to 5100, until it close below one could not expect much correction in it. In upside the short term resistance is seems to be at the range of 5175 to...
  4. M

    Price Alert for Nifty and Sensex?

    Does any one know a website that would send us an alert when Nifty or Sensex reaches a price target? Ex: I would like to receive an alert if the Nifty is above a value or below a value. I live in US. Thanks for your help !! PS: Just registered and this is my first post.