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    First Hello to Traderji members

    Hi friends, Found this amazing forum 3 days back.Request all senior members to guide me in learning new Trading Methods and strategies. I am concentrating only on Nifty Futures and too only Intraday Trades. Just few knowledge in Technical analysis,Pivot point Resistance and support...
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    Need clarification on Fixed Fractional Money Management

    Hi All, I am in the process of learning few aspects before put my money for trading in stock market. From various sources I went through some technical analysis and money management. In money management I am little confused with Fixed Fractional Trading. Lets assume that I am risking is 3%...
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    Nifty options tips for 17 may 10

    OPTION TIPS CALL MAY 5200 (If Market opens slightly negative) (Hold postion If not booked profits in Intraday) Or PUT MAY 5200 (If market remains negative for an hour) (FOR INTRADAY AND EARN 50 POINTS)