nifty 50

  1. C

    Selecting FNO Stocks for Day Trading

    Folks, I had been trading commodities and CASH stocks for the last couple of years. Want to know, how you go about selecting FNO stocks for day trading? Thanks, Alok
  2. kingsmasher1

    Does price of individual stocks depend on NIFTY? (Or other way round)

    Hi, I had a perception that NIFTY is an index, and it's price is derived from the underlying top 50 companies (NIFTY 50). Which means i can safely assume, that if price of 5 NIFTY 50 company stocks goes up, it in turn will bring up NIFTY index, not the other way round. But today, on...
  3. P

    NIFTY 50 Today

    Where do you see Nifty 50 Today? Please give your rational. I believe Nifty should be weak in near term as it is still trading at 21 PE so some more correction is more probable.