1. Harjyot

    New Bie

    Hi, My Name is Harjyot from India, New Delhi, I’m working as a professional trader and a technical analyst from more than 6 years. And Traderji community is one of the best trading community on internet. I thanks for those who made this site.
  2. path.finder

    Trading Diary of a Newbie

    hi folks, i was into trading a few years back but it was more of a part time hobby on my leave periods. i have now decided to quit my career to start trading full time and have been getting back into the action since the last three months and i feel i am getting back into shape. tomorrow i...
  3. J

    Need help for a newbie!

    Hello, I am new to futures trading (though I have been investing in cash markets for few years now), I have been using heiken ashi charts with PSAR and MA, I have been successful in the beginning but i have been losing money lately, any advice or strategies that can help me make profit would...
  4. O

    Hello ! new here

    Hello Traderji! I'm looking forward to the traderji community to help me improve my knowledge in trading!
  5. D

    i'm new to you

    hello name is dipal patel.i just have been started to work with commodity and forex who can suggest me a best source to find out a proper guide line according to commodity market.:sos::sos:
  6. J

    nifty option trades by a novice trader

    Hello all. i want to start a thread on nifty options. i'm new to trading. and here in traderji i have learnt a lot of things over tech analysis and strategies from the threads of saint ,SH, and many more. now finally i have decided to start trading on nifty based on the strategies i have learnt...
  7. A

    A student stepping in the field

    Hello fellas I am Akshay Bhavsar currently student of CA intermediate IPCC I have no experience in this field however being a student of finance and accounting field i thought i should have practical knowledge which brought me to this very informed website However choosing correct broker...
  8. V

    Hi All Gurus!

    I am new to trading in stocks & futures. Any help to start is highly appreciated. Thanks for allowing me in your net!!! Vishweshwar H.S. (Vishu)
  9. D

    Ask and bid line from DDE mt4

    Hi , I am new to Amibroker and heave never used the formula editor successfully before. I am streaming from metatrader 4 via DDE successfully and also using the import wizard successfully in this scenario. Currently the bid shows up to the right hand side of the chart and flunctuates...
  10. M

    Taking the time out

    Hi, I started trading about a month back. I am interested in learning about the technical analysis and other concepts here. but I am confused as trading is not my primary profession. so I like to ask you guys, how much time I should spend per day to learn these concepts and apply in...
  11. S

    Real time data feed for Ninjatrader

    Hi Seniors, I'm newbie to day trading but have little bit of knowledge of investing. For last one month , I had extensive study over day trading using internet and different forum. I am a bit comfortable with ninjatrader after using it for 10 day with historical day data provided by yahoo and...
  12. E

    Newbie !!

    Hi everyone ! I opened my account a month ago and since then i m trading actively Started trading with intraday and futures but after negative experience i switched to banknifty options trading. Till, date i m busy making up the losses with option Straddle/strangles and yeh i should say...
  13. W

    Hi All Seniors

    Hai All, I am a newbie in this world of trading/ investing, even though I had tried and burnt my hand in the areas of F&O, Commdities and Equity. All the earlier investments I had done are on the advise of my trade broker. I am here to learn the internals and understand the skills of...
  14. K

    help required for amibroker

    hello all, i am trying to build a dummy system where i buy when ma crosses over price and sell when the price is below the low of the bar before buy bar( ref(l,-barssince(buy==1)-1) here is what i have until now: Buy = ( C> EMA( C, Lema ) ) AND C> Ref( H, -1 )...
  15. Ravi Lodhiya


    Dear all, My name is ravi lodhiya and I am a software developer. I am new to Stock Market. I am learning new things everyday. I have recently open a demat account with J.M. Financial Services. I have join this community to share my experiences and learn ODIN and investment game. I...
  16. I

    An Absolute Beginner's Hi to the Trading Community

    Hi, This is Arnav. The raging markets have finally lured me into the trading world. I dont have any experience beforehand. Looking for some valuable experience from some of the fierce bulls in competition here. All the Best to everyone. :thumb: Thanks, Arnav
  17. B

    This is of the best sites in India

    Hi friends, I'm from a newbie from hyderabad. I wanted to learn trading and this is one of the indian sites that seemed to help the newbies a lot. I'm really impressed with the time the seniors here take to show the ropes. Maybe that is what is attracting people like me into this forum. I'm...
  18. I

    Hello Friends Am Newbie to Traderji

    Hi friends this is my first post in the traderji. I just came here to share my knowledge in investments with traderji user groups. Keep posted your queries and I can help you with my knowlege and get some knowlege from the experts here......
  19. T

    A new bee

    Hello, A newbie to Stock market and a short time lurker. I got my demat and online trading account opened with India bulls. How important is the fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Also is it good to have the India bull's powerbull software? or are there any freeware tools...
  20. M


    hello folks, this karan from mumbai....i am an student studying engineering in IT...................i am an enthusiast of stock market so pls help me ur experiences and starting tips. thanks in adv, karanc:)