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  1. N


    hi all how are you.. i am very glad to interact with you guys..
  2. S

    trading watcher

    I watched trading of my friends and others from one and half years.they stick to few scrips which are very their experience it is safe to invest in i want to start trading online,i request suggestions from you.
  3. thedivine

    Hello to All Smart Money Makers :hap2:

    Hello to all here I am brand new to nifty trading options & also to I have learnt that,knowledge is power, & where could i find good knowledge about nifty trading options no where but here. Thank you so much in advance. Your guidance will be deeply appreciated. :clap...
  4. N

    New To Market

    Hello, I am new to market,I have opened an ICICI Direct account. I have ten thousand rupees with me to trade. So please suggest me in the following: 1)Is ICICI good for intraday tading,I heard brokerage is high please suggest any other broking firm. 2)Everyone says that we need to...
  5. A


    hello everybody. i am new to this forum and find it great. Hope that u people constantly guide me in this trading community as i am a new entrant in this field.