new for tradings

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    New bee

    Hello All, I'm a fresher to the stock trading, would like explore options in it. I hope this forum helps me to get good knowledge about the investment plans. Please guide me. Thanks, KMK
  2. F

    riders on the storm

    Hello, I am fiero and new to trading. Before this I've started invest money in SIPs, but now i think why does let anyone to handle my money. Now, I want to start investing in secondary market but dont know much like where to start, what to do or should i start with something else? So please...
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    hallo, I am a salaried person want to enter in share trading . I am a very new in this field
  4. R

    new to market

    Trading no experience. Now only started Area of interest - IPO's/secondary market/futures/options/commodities, etc. Trading decisions need to learn. Please advise :thumb: