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    NamasteJi, I am Kashyap Joshi. I'm from Jamnagar, Gujarat. I am just a new trader. 4 days ago I bought shares for first time and today I can't sell it just because I don't know how to sell it. Just think how newbie trader I am! By the way connect with me here. Thanks. May God Bless You...
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    Hi Friends, How are you all ? My Name is Rajesh , new to this community.
  3. akpurandare


    i can not say i am new to the shares purchase and sells,But it is equally true that i was doing that some 15 years back that to through some agent with minimum knowledge.Now wish to take advantage of on Line share trading and gain knowledge and advises from this beautiful community .I am sure i...
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    Hi all I have just joined this site, and want to more about the option strategies and currency market.
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    This is my first posting a subject as a new memeber in Thanks for giving an opporutnity to be a part of family to share the experience of my trading activities. Let us hope for the best in 2011 - A good GDP growth, Good Budget and Good Investment opportunites for...