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    greetings friends

    Hi friends, i am new here. I am interested in capital market job but have no background or experience. Hope you people will help me find my career. I am pursuing CS and also passed CA PCC i.e. intermediate exam but dropped final in 2013. I have passed 2 module of NCFM market...
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    NCFM certification

    need advice on NCFM certification Hi, Which NCFM certification is useful to get a job as equity research analyst? Iam thinking about Technical Analyst. Are there any other certifications? My education background is engineering.What are my chances of getting a job related to trading and...
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    Hi All

    Hello all :clap: Nice to be part of this community; I am NCMP level - 1 and want to learn more and more about Share Market :)
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    hi every1,,,,, im new 2 dis dng fy.b.m.s....i also wnt 2 giv ncfm exam..heard abt it wnt 2 try it...plzz help.. :)))
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    Info About NCFM exam

    Hi All, I am going to appear for NCFM Financial market : Beginner Module. The pattern for this exam has been changed from 7th jan. Can anyone tell whether there is a lot of difference in the type of questions? Also after taking this module, what should be the next module i should take? Is...