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    hi allllllllllllll

    what is the best reliable brokerage house in india that provides trading over the phone facility for clients? i mean the client would call the dealing team to buy or sell the commodities in mcx and ncdex day trading
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    Trading 1.25 crore for superior returns in NCDEX

    I will be trading NCDEX with a starting capital of 1.25 crore for generating cool profits. And will be updating the trades in real time. And will update P/L at the end of the day. :gun2::)
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    Thread for experienced professional commodity traders

    This is a thread for serious and experienced swing, intraday, positional commodity traders to discuss strategies on energy, base metals and bullions.:)
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    Agriculture Commodity trading- How important is Market Fundamentals ?

    I am new to NCDEX ! Agreed , Fundamental forms the base line in all type of asset class, But my experience says for some of commodity we can work on technicals with main focus. Eg. Crude Oil , Base Metals -Technical focus Boolean-Need to get the news first -so as to be perfect ...
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    Make EOD Data file from Excel for all Cash, Future & option,MCX, NCDEX ....

    Here is the link Regards Suhas
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    MCX and NCDEX Amibroker database

    Hi Pls find the Database( Amibroker) for MCX and NCDEX from 2005 Cheers JV:thumb: