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    I want to know how to open an account in nasdaq(new york stock exchange)

    Hi everyone, I would like to open an account in nasdaq but lot of brokers from US saying that we can't open an account with US brokers. So please tell me where I can open the account for trading. Please help me with broker details. What I need to do to trade in Nasdaq Any information...
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    Trading in foreign stocks/ overseas stock trading

    Hi Friends... I would like to know the possibility & your experience in trading/ investing in foreign stocks. I believe overseas stocks are available for trading through some brokers in India, if not all. Thanks. G:)
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    opening an account with NASDAQ broker and remittance limit for options trading

    As per the rules by SEC, Indian can open an trading account with USA based brokers. I want to know whether RBI has imposed any restriction for remittance in derivatives trading?
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    Intraday trading in NYSE and Nasdaq

    Looking of Individual and corporate willing to invest in intraday trading in NYSE and Nasdaq, competitive rate in the market for further details please send me your name and contact no to [email protected]
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    Common shares between NSE/NASDAQ/DOW/SGX

    Hi, Is there any site which provide the common stocks between US/INDIA/SINGAPORE/CHINA market. Also if there is any site which provide comparative study of these markets. Thanks in Advance.
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    Best Broker for NASDAQ Trading

    Hello All, Please suggest me the best broker for the NASDAQ trading.If anybody is already in this trading then please provide me some details Thanks and regards Sanjay
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    Has anyone used Interactive Brokers to Trade NYSE, NASDAQ stocks from India ?

    You may now that Indian citizens can trade the USA stocks. I just wanted to check with you if you have traded NYSE, NASDAQ stocks using Interactive Broker broker.