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    Gann Study Group Mumbai

    Hello Friends, I m learning Gann from last 3 years & found it quite fascinating, as the methods used are both Astrology & Astronomy which in turn gives us such accurate results which i had never seen in any system in last 12 years of my trading, i m interested in forming a group of Gann...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi I'm Rohit Mahajan from Mumbai. Its indeed a pleasure to join you all at traderji. I'm a constant learner, passionate about sports and amateur trader.
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    Related To Stamp Duty

    I am from mumbai and have account with Ventura1 Securities. Though account was opened year back was not using for trading. In Jan 2013, I started trading with BUYING 1 share of "MAHINDRA SATYAM" at 103/-. When i viewed my Contract Note, It was some weird values being charged in "STAMP...
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    Hello for the last 9 yrs

    A big hello to everyone here. My name is Jai & I have a background in business (HR Consulting & Renewable Energy to be precise). I am based in Mumbai & have been an avid follower of the stock markets for the last 9 years & in that process, tried my hand at all forms of trading – intraday...