1. Happy_Singh

    Combining Multiple Internet Connections

    Hi We all have back-up internet connections and maybe even one or more back-up for that backup :) In my case have a fixed line BB connection connected to a router, when this line goes down (very rare, but happens), i switch to a wireless connection (have a backup for this too) Is there...
  2. T

    NRI trading

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I have been trying to find post pertaining to NRI demat and trading and couldn't find much in this forum. Is there an NRI specific forum in traderji? Specifically, I am trying to setup a NRE-PIS Demat and trading accounts. My experience with most private and...
  3. H

    Possible to take education loan from multiple banks for the same course?

    Am gonna go for MBA in a few months. Can I take education loan of 40 lakh from multiple banks (4 lakh each from 10 banks, because banks provide education loan up to 4 lakh without a collateral)?