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    Motilal and no action by SEBI!!

    Just came across this article.. thought to post here for betterment of fellow members. We all (retail investors) think SEBI empowers us, but this article shows us how handicapped we all are...
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    Need basic information about trading

    Hi, I am new in trading. I have motilal oswal sbi dmat account. I have few question about trading. 1. In sell order form there is one option to select "Trade Type". There are 3 options. a) POA Stocks, b) Free Stocks, c) FnO Pledge Stocks Please help me to understand these terms. 2. In...
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    What is the meaning for : INTRDAY and DELIVERY

    Hi, I am new to this site. I recently have my Motilal Oswal account opened. I have a few basic questions. Would someone please answer these for me. I am basically interested in holding shares for longer terms (1 to 5 years or so). in the BUY screen of MotilalOswal I see, Product type as...