1. S

    NSEL defaults again, to pay Rs 9 cr

    The troubled National Spot Exchange, promoted by Financial Technologies, defaulted in settling trade for the fifteenth time in a row. The exchange will now disburse Rs 9 crore as settlement against Rs 175 crore it promised to pay while it shut operations in August. Of the 24 companies with...
  2. S

    Integarated Trading Platform (ITP)

    A personalized financial dashboard which gives ready made back-tested strategies for intra day & positional calls with Buy / Sell signals, Target & Stop Loss prices. You can also test the profitability of these strategies before applying them on the trades, seems interesting named MOSL RADAR...
  3. S

    Online trading

    Decision making tools enables us to prioritize and choose the stock for investing, also helps to build the best possible trading strategy with minimum loss by enabling us come out as a king. Latest news alerts from Motilal Oswal RADAR. Complete scanner of the market in tune to our requirement...
  4. S

    Latest on NSEL ISSUE

    NSEL pays Rs 29 cr to investors. Indian Bullion Market Association will receive Rs 4.70 crore, the largest chunk of the whole settlement this week. It will be followed by Anand Rathi Commodities (Rs 3.36 crore) and India Infoline Commodities (Rs 1.60 crore).Systematix Commodities and Motilal...
  5. S

    Et now shows for diwali

    Celebrate this festive season with ET NOW, India’s #1 Business News Channel, as it brings to its viewers an extensive range of engaging Diwali shows. Tune in to ET NOW for Best Stock Recommendations for Samvat 2070 starting 3rd November ’13. Back to School: Stock market wizards, like...
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    On Line Trading

    Awesome! All at one place like Nearest Mall – Jump..Hop..Shop. Now Research Reports on a single click on MOSL Integrated Trading Platform, go through and trade.
  7. I

    Recommend Best broker for long term investment

    Hi, I have been an investing since 2006 with geojit and have opened an account with mosl since 2013 due to service issues with geojit. I want to have a long term portfolio with combination of short term investing. My experience with geojit & mosl - If I buy the stocks recommended by...
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    On line Trading

    "Just got the new trading software of Motilal Oswal. Looks pretty good & some of the tools that they have given with it are pretty cool too. Falcon is in-built in this software, plus they have a tool for F&O analysis that is, by far, the best looking & most easy to use software Ive used. They...
  9. job_charnock

    By way of an intro..

    Hello to everyone in this forum :) Since Sept 2010, I have started full time online trading, firstly with equities, through 'My Broker' platform from MOSL. I'm quite thorough in computers but new to the trading platforms, the processes and the markets - apart from just having the larger...