money management skills

  1. mark8tune

    What Money Management rules you follow

    Money Management is the most ignored topic among newbie traders I guess, When someone starts trading they focus on trading systems, strategy, which gives results (80%, 90%) a holly grail indicator, the same did I but now I have come to the conclusion Money Management is the most important key...
  2. wabuf

    Intraday Profit / Loss MGM

    Hi Traders .. I day trade equities and my problem is " Profit / Loss MGM " . usually 7 / 10 scripts my analysis is correct . I have a good entry strategy . The problem is when the stock falls or rises after my entry i exit too early (with just 1-2 pts) fearing that my profits would get eaten...
  3. S

    Spirituality & Successful Trading

    Hi , Came across this really interesting workshop in Bangalore- Spirituality & Successful Trading. My frd who attended it was really excited. I also found the ad for this course on bangalore. Basically, the old Indian sanskrit teachings applied to stock market !! Indeed our vedas...