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    Amiboker Rotational Momentum Code Help

    I got the Rotational Momentum code from below URL. I modified the above code a bit & 'Backtested' a bit as per below logic: 1) Calculate the PositionScore on End of Month 2) The Next trading day (Start of...
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    Identifying future volatility and momentum

    Hi, How do I identify stocks that are likely to have a greater volatility and continued price growth or decline (around 15% to 20%) over a 10-20 day time period? Usually the problem that I face is as soon as I zero in on a stock and enter into a trade, the price moves very slowly and...
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    Day Trading Indicator

    Hello, Friends Has anybody tried Bollinger Band (Period - 7) or Donchain Channel (Period - 7/2) with Momentum (Period - 7) in Intraday trading? Do anybody has any view of the above?
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    Need line chart program for making momentum chart

    . Hello everyone = I am a momentum investor. I am looking for a simple chart program that I can make a ETF line chart watch list with. I once used Microsoft Charts on the Web to do this with, but then MS changed companies, and limited the amount of ETF I could enter. I am looking to...