mobile trading

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    Which mobile is best for mobile based trading?

    Hi All, i am thinking of doing mobile based trading. And someone kindly tell me which mobile is best suited for it. Thank you in advance.
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    Broker with good mobile Trading support

    I'll be trading around 50k to 1Lakh per month (delivery based). Which broker provides good mobile trading platform? Based on the initial research, I ended up with Geojit, IndiaInfoline and Zerodha. Ofcourse, each one provides different brokerage structure and trading platforms. Since, I'll be...
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    How to do Mobile Trading?

    Can anyone tell me which is the best platform to do mobile trading? Actually I dont have an internet connection in my office, so mobile trading is my only option to do day trading. So I am looking for ways to do mobile trading. I have heard about ICICI Direct mobile trading. Has anybody...
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    Trading over mobile/PDA

    Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me which broker provides webpages or software for trading over mobile/PDA phones using GPRS.and which mobile or PDA is suitable for that. As far as I know,ICICIDIRECT.COM provides the web enabled trading over mobile but it is very uncomfortable.:)