1. A

    Underrated Gem- Capture 5% dividend

    Brigade Enterprises Mega Dividend Expected: 20rs-25rs, Announcement Date: 9 December Revenue in Q2 grew 141 per cent to Rs 776 crore from Rs 322 crore in the corresponding quarter last year. Brigade saw Rs 831 crore in sales value in Q2, up 73 per cent year-on-year, with net area sales of 1.3...
  2. R

    Need suggestion for new SIP

    Hello! I am 25, unmarried. Working in a public sector unit and my net salary per month is 45k. I have started investing in SIPs from October 2018. My present portfolio consists Aditya Birla Sun Life TR96 growth(ELSS) - 3k per month Axis Long Term Equity Fund(ELSS) - 3k pm SBI Small Cap Fund...
  3. 5paisa

    Mutual Fund Recommendations - 5Paisa

    In this thread, you may ask about the various types of mutual funds you wish to include in your investment portfolio, and we shall give you suggestion with explanation to help your investment corpus grow.
  4. R

    Midcap stock

    Hi, I am learning fundamental analysis. Want to invest monthly in midcap stock. I was using screener.in for fundamental data. Apart from normal criteria like pe ratio, book value, face value how can I use balance sheet, total asset, liabilities and past cash flow to select stock.
  5. B

    First Source Limited, Please guess this stock

    Hi All, I am new to traderji Like to discuss about stock FSL(First Source Limited) which is quoting at 32.70rs(as on 19-04-2015) Key statistic which intrigue me in this stocks *Face Value 10rs *MARKET CAP (RS CR) 2,178.77 *Free Float Market Cap(Crs) 947.92 *Backed up RP-Sanjiv...
  6. S

    Best MidCap funds for the present (12-07-2011) US Credit rating Crisis .

    sir, kindly suggest some good Midcap or Small cap funds so that i can make profit in short term. I had a prediction that BSE will soon bounce back 18k to 19k. kindly suggest which benchmark index is best for now.
  7. R

    Reg. stocks in Futures?

    I request seniors advise on the following: 1. What kinds of stocks participate in futures? I see that large caps are present, and some midcaps also are present. Are there any small caps too? 2. Regarding gains in futures: I came to following formula on futures. [Gains/losses in...
  8. R

    Portfolio Review

    I hold below funds in portfolio. I want to reduce the portfolio size by removing few of them so that portfolio managing will be easy and eliminates repetition, Please suggest me. Thanks in advance Large Caps -------------- 1. HDFC Top 200 2. DSP Top 100 3. Birla Frontline Equity Plan A...
  9. S

    About script

    I do little bit of trading,But now I plan to go full fledge into stocks.First I would like to ask you whether I should trade in Nifty or Scripts.Or as and when situation arises to go accordingly.Also if somebody can recommend me scripts on Intraday.May be it can be Mid cap or Low cap/What is the...