meta data

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    Bulk Update of Category in Existing DB

    Anyone knows how to update "Market" category for all stocks in existing db? Tried updating using a csv which has 2 columns (a.)TICKER (b.)MARKET I tried using the format to import : ------------- $FORMAT TICKER,MARKET $SEPARATOR , $SKIPLINES 1 $NOQUOTES 1 ------------- But the Market remains...
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    Meta Stock/Options Trading - Help Required

    Hello Everyone, Apologies if this has been answered before, I went through a few threads and didn't find the answer that I was looking for. I have a few questions regarding Meta Stock. I was able to get my hands on Meta Stock Version 11 and I am not able to figure out how to get the data...
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    metastock data

    hi im new on this site and wnat to know more abt metastock, and where i can find correct abd best data for it.pls advice me fast. thanks
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    metastock data upto 25th jan.2010

    one can download metastockdata(EOD) from>market tools.:clap: