medical insurance

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    Doubles up as health insurance !

    When you opt for a medical insurance it will provide you coverage during times of medical emergencies. But not every health plan will protect you during your travel to domestic or international location. Travel insurances however take care of such aspects as well and will see to it that you get...
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    What To Do Before Travel

    Going on a holiday or a business trip requires a lot of planning in terms of ticket bookings, hotel reservations etc. We make our tour plans; calculate the amount of money to be spent on shopping, sightseeing and every possible arrangement, often ignoring looking out for a reliable travel...
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    Buying Health Insurance

    I am planning to purchase health insurance for me and my family. However, I am not sure how should I go about. What is the ideal way to buy health insurance in India??
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    Health Insurance policy for me & my family

    I am planning to purchase health insurance policy for me & my family (Father 52 and Mother 48). Which health insurance policy should I opt for??
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    Health Insurance

    How to select health insurance?