median lines

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    Trading with Median Lines /Andrew's pitchfork

    Hi Starting this thread to share information on the method of trading with Median Lines,also called as Andrews pitchfork.It has been called as one of the leading indicators which can be used to predict high probability price targets .Combining it with trading rules / money management the...
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    Nifty Entry ,Exit ,Target levels with Median Line Charts

    Hi I trade with a combination of Median Lines and Fibonacci levels.Posting my charts for projecting Nifty Entry,exits and target levels for daily trades.
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    My Profit swing trades with Median Lines

    Hi All Trading with Median lines gives very close targets for Swing trading.I have been using this strategy for Nifty and Bank nifty and had good results..Those interested to trade with Charts and prices to analyse target price, support and resistance levels will find this strategy very...
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    Nifty - Andrews pitchfork

    Nifty I have been experimenting with andrews pitchfork strategy. attached is todays 30 min chart. today's close has reached median line of AP drawn from 2/06/10. also - ve divergence in CCI .So expect a drop till atleast 5140.Will wait to see tomorrow's action to unfold. There is a Three...