mechanical trading

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    I am attaching rule-based intraday trading strategy from the vantharp institute. It looks quite interesting. They claim that it works well for the nifty50 index also. I luckily found it on the internet. Is it possible to code it in AFL format?
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    Improving and Implementing Mechanical Trading System

    Hello Friends, I am looking for help with my system developed using Amibroker. The system is a positional system with 15 min timeframe and will trade futures. The initial tests are giving good results which is warranting to further fine tune it and if the results are encouraging then would go...
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    Amibroker and its applications?

    Hi, I have been trading equities for a while now but it is purely on instinct and common sense. I want to trade professionally, I saw an ad from about a 2 days workshop on AMIBROKER. I wanted to know, 1) is amibroker a useful tool for trading? 2) is a 2 day workshop...
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    Difference Between Discretionary And Mechanical Trading Style

    Quite often I get asked about the difference between discretionary and mechanical trading styles and more often I get asked which one is better. Unfortunately, as most good questions go, there is no simple answer. However, over the last few week I have been thinking of writing this article to...
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    Strategy Performance Report - Should this system be traded?

    Hi Over the past few days I have tested quite a few systems in Tradestation 2000i. I tested them on 30-min bars on data from Jun 2008 to Feb 2011. I tried to perform 'Walk Forward' testing on the systems as per the following in-sample (optimized) and out-of-sample periods - (5 sets of 12 months...
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    Automated trading in NSE or BSE?

    Hi I was checking out the possibility of automated trading in NSE or BSE. I went through the posts and most of them says its illegal in India but most of the post are around 2 yrs old. Can anyone tell me abt the current situation in India. Is it illegal for softwares to place trades in...