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    any experience with

    I came across a site called It finds corelation between nifty and four or five stocks that corelate with nifty with a gap of one day. Worked for me for three trades in a row. anyone had any experience? rajeev
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    [email protected],600; Re next 63: Party’s not over, contingency be politics

    Foreign investors have no doubt been a drivers of a new convene seen on a Indian markets, interjection to America’s quantitative easing programme that has done for liquidity around a world. But a Indian markets are now subsiding. “I will not contend that a celebration is over. It would be a...
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    Market Reversal Date Part 14

    Declaration Date....... May be wrong.......But make a note....... Reversal Day for Market is from 4th Oct......... May see a reversal.......... One may do there own study before taking any positions......... The Results would be updated on the date...... Dont take this as a...
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    Amibroker:Base Index,Composite: Help Needed!

    Hi All, I needed some very serious help on Amibroker. And I couldnt find anything of significance on net. My questions are: 1. When you make a new market, in SYMBOL> Categories>Markets, what is the "Base Index for Relative Strength, Composites ad Beta mean"??? 2. If I want to make a...
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    Importing data in a different market

    Hi All, Can anybody tell me how to import a different data set of a different market in Amibroker I am already maintaining NSE Cash scrips in Amibroker in one market, I would like to import Futures data too in Amibroker But under a different market. Can anybody tell me the steps to...