margin trading

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    Is there an upper limit on percentage of futures initial margin required by broker?

    For the past month or so, Interactive broker has arbitrarily raised initial margin requirements on most pharma stocks. Consider the following examples: Symbol----------------Initial margin Requirment AJANTPHARM-------------887684 KSCL----------------------869257.5...
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    Margin trading

    hello, I am new to trading.I just opened an account with kotak three days back.When i am making an buy order they are funding some money i.e they are taking only some part of the share value.Will they charge any interest for such amount during delivery buys? they haven't charged any interest...
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    Swing trading broker???

    Who has the best brokerage offer for swing traders ? can anyone give an analysis or pointers to the best brokerage offered for people who follow day trading?? And also let me know if margin trading is provided by the broker?