1. R

    Machine Learning for Nifty Options?

    Hi, I am curious to know - has anyone tried machine learning techniques for the Nifty options price prediction? Doesn't matter intraday or EOD.
  2. sushant079

    FOC course on Machine Learning for Trading

    Hi guys, This online course should be useful for some of you advanced traders who are looking to upgrade their trading. This course is completely free of cost. Overview: Course title: Introduction to Machine Learning for Trading Time duration: 4 hours Format: Online with recorded videos...
  3. M

    Any one using machine learning for stock market prediction?

    Do any one here uses machine learning for stock market prediction of price or trend for long or short term?. How successful are those strategies?
  4. L

    Machine Learning (ML) master thread

    Hi folks, I just joined TJ, and am glad to see a lively community here :-) I just thought it would be a good idea to have a centralized ML related thread in the algo trading section where we can ask and answer queries about ML - which ML methods to use, which software packages...