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    L&T is dead, long live L&T

    In last month, L&T has fallen 13% as fears of a government Capex crunch hit the stock. However, market may be missing some key points. - L&T has an Orderbook that isolates them from current crunch for 2 years. Even if they don’t get a single new order, they have enough work to do for 2 years. -...
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    L&T Conundrum

    Uddhav Thackeray’s move to review all projects underway in Maharashtra has ensured that L&T is available at an attractive price. But realistically, there is little the government can do about already awarded and in progress contracts. Also, Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcement over the weekend...
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    L & t

    I have purchased L & T on 30th Sep at Rs. 2276/- I have received the bonus shares on my demat account today but am observing that there is no bonus credited for the share which was purchased on 30th Sep. What could be the reason.
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    L&T question

    Hi I bought four shares of L&T on 29 september at price 2376 . I was not aware of the bonus issue. The four shares were credited to my account on 1st October. Will I get any bonus share from LT? Seniors pls advise. Thanks Aman