low brokerage

  1. L

    Does anyone has account in Broker Called " The Next Trade "

    They Provide flat 10 rs Per trade for Every Segments Bank Nifty Option Selling For 2500 Rupees Nifty option Selling For 4500 Offers Seems to be good But I wanted to know Whether they Are legit ? If anyone has account in it please comment Below
  2. SmartTradeOnline

    Trade Smart Online (Smart Trade Online-Part 2)

    Hello all, As you must be aware, with effect from 15th April 2013, Smart Trade Online is known as Trade Smart Online. There is no change in the management or in the team. Were all here, as passionate about what we do as ever. Wed like to thank all the Traderji members for your wonderful...
  3. R

    Feedback on Ventura Securities Ltd

    Ventura Securities ltd is making fool to there client by charging Advance Brokerage, and low brokerage plan,they are not giveing any service,support,there employees are not haveing any knowledge about stock market,no idea of giveing support, they are just opening account for there profits and...
  4. V

    Justtrade.in online trading

    Just watch the video to know about the services of Justtrade.in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8AlaIkalN8
  5. R

    Information regarding Ifglonline

    can anyone opened account in IfglOnline.com. Is it good?:confused: