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    Adjustment of Lot Size for Options

    Hello All, After lot of search, I found a document which says NSE revises lot size for option trade every 6 months. The document does not give any explanation on criteria. Can anyone explain the criteria followed by NSE? I am asking particularly because I saw the lot size for SUNPHARMA...
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    Why lot size changes for futures for different month

    I dont know whether this situation was there before but i started noticing it now. This is the details for ACC future stock for this month(oct) the lot size is 125 and next month and next to next month its 375. Why this change? I always thought lot size are fixed. whether changes in...
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    Do the Brokerage Charges Differ for different Lots of different Companies?

    Can anyone let me know why brokerage charges are different for different Company Future Lots? Ex: a) Minifty - 20 shares:1 Lot ( Rs.20.00 + Rs.20.00 Per Buy/Sell Transaction ) b) Nifty - 50 shares: 1 Lot ( Rs.50.00 + Rs.50.00 Per Buy/Sell Transaction ) How can i find out about how is...
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    How much Money is Needed to Trade in Futures and Options above Nifty?

    Can anyone tell me how much of Account Balance we should have to buy 1 Lot of Futures above Nifty?Why is there different Lot Sizes for different Lots? Thank you in Advance!
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    Online trading Vocabulory

    Hello All, This is my first post on this site, And I never purchased any stock, Few days back I open a demat account and online trading account. When I logged in into my online trading account, I found many new tearms to decide the order for good return. can any stock guru teach me the...