lost capital

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    Lost 1 Lac in mcx , need startegy

    Hi traderji members I have lost 1 Lac in mcx trading (in 2 years). I dont know what is going wrong . I have tried many strategies but doesnt work (for me atleast) . I have even use from LRC to COG waves and simple price action to parabolic sar to fractals to DOM reading and much more . I...
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    Lost 90% of my Capital in Intraday Trading - How do i Rebuild?

    Hi All, I am new to Intraday trading (Online Trading with margins) . I started with a capital of Rs 50,000 /- and with in a week, i have lost Rs 45,000 /- . I have been trading in MCX - Commodities - F&O . I do not wish to quit trading, but intend to rebuild with my left over capital of Rs...