long term investment

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    Black Monday Sensex -1600. What Next, Is India still Shining Star?

    On 24/08/2015 (Monday) there was earthquake on Indian markets. Market Open -900 and at close it was -1624 points. Last 7 years one day lowest level and Investors lost 7 lakh Crore in one day. If we see history, the biggest downfall was in 2008 because of US Subprime Issue. First time Chinese...
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    Recommend Best broker for long term investment

    Hi, I have been an investing since 2006 with geojit and have opened an account with mosl since 2013 due to service issues with geojit. I want to have a long term portfolio with combination of short term investing. My experience with geojit & mosl - If I buy the stocks recommended by...