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  1. S

    Need list of top 300 or 500 NSE andor BSE stocks with its ID

    I need the list of top 300 or 500 NSE and/or BSE Stocks with its ID (example Central Bank=BSE: 532885 | NSE: CENTRALBK). Where can I get that list? My prefered format is excel but any another format would be helpul. Please help
  2. Shivam DUbey

    Apply for IPo as an HNI

    If we apply as an HNI investor, what are the chances of getting the allotment. I mean if the oversubscription is done by many times under HNi category do all the applicants get some allotment?
  3. B

    which stocks can be traded within 2 days

    Hi friends I am new to trading.I am more interested in holding stock for one or two days but not more than that.I bought bajajfinancial service stock and gtl stock in nse.My broker is telling me that these stocks have to complete t+2 cycle.I want to have those list of stocks which don't have to...