1. TraderJunkie

    Modified Strategy to earn 15%-20% a month (Strategy inspired by Linkon7's strategy)

    First off - It's been a very long journey for me here on TJ, though I've not posted much. My experiments with F&O started back in 2010 and I've probably made every mistake more than once prior to discovering that the only way to make money is to have hedges on anything one trades - as the pros...
  2. R

    What could be a reasonable stop loss in options trading?

    If I am trading a NIFTY 1 lot(close to current NIFTY) generally my investment amount varies anywhere between 3000 to 5000/lot. I use sharekhan basic a/c and the brokerage for options trading is >= Rs.100 per lot. That means brokerage+tax = Rs.260 will go out of my pocket no matter what...