1. goldenedge

    regarding crude oil limit.

    Hi everyone I use zerodha pi.I have noticed that they have a crude oil limit of 100 futures. I definitely don't have enough money to day trade 100 futures. I just want to know whether if 100 lots is the limit in mcx. The real reason why I am worried is because I don't want my...
  2. devinchopra

    Solve my predicament

    I am new to the share market, I am having trouble understanding placing orders - particularly Stoploss Limit and Limit. I have an account with Zerodha and their service is nice, but still I am unable to wrap my head around a question. I would like to consider myself as a Swing Trader and I...
  3. G

    Intraday Limit ????

    I do trading frm RK global. It provides intraday limit 6 times agains cash. I would like to know is there any broker wich provides good limit say 10 times in cash and some limit in options also against cash for offline trades?????