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    Trading in parents name

    Trading is not allowed for govt. employees. My father is also an Govt. Employee who is years away from retirement. So i want to open an account in my mothers name(Homemaker, uneducated) and trade Intraday only in that account and will file ITR without fail. Income, if at all any, will be...
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    Help Needed: - Mutual Fund Transfer in Case of Death of primary and Nominee.

    Hi All, My parents recently passed away due to an Accident and while i was surfing through their belongings i discovered some Mutual funds in name of mom and dad. But when i inquire how can i transfer them to my name, i came to know that mom has made Dad as Nominee and dad has made mom as...
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    Forex trading

    Is currency trading in India legal? If so what should I do for joing the trade?n Any sanction to be obtained from Reserve Bank of India?
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    Simultaneous long and short in same stock

    My question is simple-- Is it illegal to take long and short and short positions in the same stock at the same time? I am asking this because of the decision on the case regarding Shankar Sharma who was banned for (among other things, maybe) selling and buying the same stock at the same...
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    Charging for non square off Intraday

    Hi I got Trading account with Indiabulls.I sold it at 103rs on 19/01/2010.I squared it off on the same day using PIB software which said succesful. Later broker called me and said it is not successful because no one is to sell shares for me at that time.on that day it gone to upper circuit...