1. S

    Gann Study Group Mumbai

    Hello Friends, I m learning Gann from last 3 years & found it quite fascinating, as the methods used are both Astrology & Astronomy which in turn gives us such accurate results which i had never seen in any system in last 12 years of my trading, i m interested in forming a group of Gann...
  2. P


    1) Your trading/investing experience > Answers - I made a huge loss since I logged-in 2) The number of years you have been investing or trading in the markets. > Answers - 3 yrs. 3) Your area of interest - > Answers - till now I only trade in cash, which is not listed here. By the way what...
  3. S

    Dis charge !!

    hi everybody.. im new into share marketing just learing every terms related to tradings.. so, anyone here to help me to clear , that what does it mean DIS charge?? im charged with Rs 25.. broker : geojit
  4. verbum4it

    This is my introduction for all

    Hi. I am from Indonesia. I want to learn and discuss with many friends from all over the world about forex trading. I will also try to give my best if I can. But, it is important to know from members about it because I know that they are the best for me.
  5. job_charnock

    By way of an intro..

    Hello to everyone in this forum :) Since Sept 2010, I have started full time online trading, firstly with equities, through 'My Broker' platform from MOSL. I'm quite thorough in computers but new to the trading platforms, the processes and the markets - apart from just having the larger...