1. W

    Hi All Seniors

    Hai All, I am a newbie in this world of trading/ investing, even though I had tried and burnt my hand in the areas of F&O, Commdities and Equity. All the earlier investments I had done are on the advise of my trade broker. I am here to learn the internals and understand the skills of...
  2. N

    Hi All

    Hi all I am ncstudioz....new to the community Hope will find answers to my queries.. :thumb: thanks Ncstudioz
  3. C

    hi iam cherry

    i iwould like to introduce myself ,i am a learner of online trader and plan to make lots of money by trading online
  4. thedivine

    Hello to All Smart Money Makers :hap2:

    Hello to all here I am brand new to nifty trading options & also to traderji.com I have learnt that,knowledge is power, & where could i find good knowledge about nifty trading options no where but here. Thank you so much in advance. Your guidance will be deeply appreciated. :clap...