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    Commodity Trading everyday live

    Hi All Starting this thread to trade in commodity every day and test the strategy which I have
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    Real time US market commodity charts for Zinc, Lead , Aluminium etc

    Dear traders, I need a site which gives real time charts for zinc , lead , Aluminium etc for US commodity markets .. forexpros.com has copper, gold silver etc but not for scrap metals.. Any body aware of any site,please share Thanks
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    Is there a (nearly) 24 hour charting solution for Aluminium, Lead and Zinc

    Hello, Is there a free 24 hour charting solution for Aluminium, Lead or Zinc? I have found (nearly) 24 hour charting for Gold, Silver and Copper via Broco Trader (thanks to @shivamyogi for the information) and they are more accurate than charts from MCX's 13 1/2 hours. Aluminium, Lead and...