1. onequorauser

    Query related to DOM Ladder

    Does any one user Depth of Market (DOM) ladder in ninja trader or any other tool (besides Fyers) for NF or BNF trading? I wanted to know how are orders are sent out to the broker
  2. M

    Buy 1x 3050 call, Sell 2x 3100 calls.

    If you think the NIFTY is not going to be above 3150 on the 26th of Feb 2009, but could get close then: a) Buy 1000 contracts of 3050 strike calls @ 33.0 b) Sell 2000 contracts of 3100 strike calls @ 19.25 (You can do any number in the ratio of buy 1x and sell 2x. I will use 1000 by 2000...