1. Mukr

    Improvements needed in Fyers web aka Trading view! (clients)

    Hi Dear readers and traders iam Murali Krishna and full time trader and i created this thread to discuss trading view (Fyers web) as trading platform and want to know about pros and cons of this to me as trader in seeking opportunities!
  2. B

    Change of shareowner after death of primary holder

    Dear All, My grandmother used to own some shares (physical :mad:) of Reliance Industries. My dad was the second holder. Mind you, not the joint holder but second holder. She has passed away and we would now like to make dad as the primary holder. Now, after checking with Karvy...
  3. I

    Help with Nest

    Hi guys, i am using Nest Terminal for Zerodha and also for Karvy. I have been having difficulty to get the real time data from Nest to link to Excel (No Aibroker or FCharts) I have been working on an option Valuation model for which i just want RTD in Excel. I have tried everything but "#N/A"...
  4. S

    Analysts take on key Q2 earnings last week

    DLF Aashiesh Agarwaal, Edelweiss Securities: DLF reported Q2FY14 in-line revenues at Rs 19.5 billion and EBITDA of Rs 6 billion ths lower than estimates due to completion of older projects. We believe most risks are priced in and the stock is trading at an attractive 39% discount to NAV/TP of...
  5. B


    Hi, I'm Biju and I am now looking for avenues in the market after a very long break. I got out after burning my fingers back when harshad mehta brought the markets crashing, and many of my shares became worthless. Now i'm back, older and hopefully wiser. Unfortunately I have really lost touch...
  6. K


    pls advise the brokerage incluse of all other charges and taxes you face for various trades... just a ball park im with karvy... Equity delivery = 1% (Buying & Selling included) Futures = 0.1% (Buying & selling included) Krishna.
  7. I

    Karvy Records

    Hi, I have lost all records of my investment and allottment in the Reliance IPO of 1985-86. How can the investment be traced back to me and reissued with Last name, First Name(s), address at Allottment and subsequent address(es) that were changed in their records. Karvy insists on providing the...