joint demat account

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    Joint demat account linking with joint bank account

    Sir, I want to open a joint demat account with me as 1st holder and my wife as 2nd holder. I want to link this demat with bank account where my wife is 1st holder and me as 2nd holder. Can it be done?
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    Tax implications of transferring shares across demat accounts

    Hello, I have two demat accounts: Account 1: Single name - my name - wife is nominee Account 2: Joint account - wife's name first, my name second. If I transfer securities from Account 1 to Account 2, will it mean that I am selling the shares to my wife (even though it is a joint...
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    Can demat account be joined and trading account be single

    I have a demat account with SBI. I am planning to make it joint account adding my wife. I also have sbicaps trading account. So, while trading using this trading account, can the shares be held in the joint demat account ? Or, is it like there should be different trading accounts for each...