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    Algo trading software

    Hi Guys, We are a software development co based in Chandigarh and i am looking to hire a Java programmer or a business analyst to develop a algo trading platform for one of my client in Europe. Can someone help here? Best, Nitin
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    Ready to pay for a custom stock scanner for TWS

    I want to know if someone here can somehow make a custom stock scanner that will work with Interactive Brokers' TWS to scan for stocks that meet the set technical criteria. Of course, I'm willing to pay for it if I get what I need. The scanning criteria isn't very complicated given that I've...
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    Strategy builder in Java

    Hello, Iam trying to write a trading strategy in Java. I do not have any knowledge of it. Is there a easy to use software that'll help me do it? Google did not help. Hence this thread. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks very much.
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    Writing Mechanical Trading System

    Hi Guys, This is my first post, and i think you guys can help me. I am in process of writing a mechanical trading system in Java for day trading. I need following things Need a market access to send orders to exchange (via broker or something like screen scraping on icicidirect site) Need...